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Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
Bolton Corners Bldg., 563 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740


Work with a Japan, China & U.S. Trained Acupuncturist  

–Chinese Medicine, Energy Movement, and Meditation for Optimal Health & Wellness–


Robin J. Bonazzoli, M.Ac, Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Medical Qigong Therapist and Master Teacher of:  Meditation, Chinese Yoga/Qigong and Tai Chi 


COVID-19 UPDATE: Acupuncture Clinic is open!

Country Well Clinic has opened in accordance with safety regulations set by: the CDC, National Acupuncture Commission (NCCAOM), MA state and local guidelines for acupuncture, pertaining to Covid-19. We thank all present and prospective clients for their patience!

Please note that all Country Well Acupuncture clients will be informed of how we will proceed together in accordance with new Covid-19 guidelines to keep us all happy and healthy!

When you call or email with inquiries or to schedule, we will email you a document with all of the details, to ensure that you can feel safe and comfortable coming for acupuncture wellness care.

Clients must wear masks in waiting and treatment rooms, thanks! 

The Country Well Clinic has a new face! Enjoy the following and more:

Walls freshly resurfaced with no VOC paint

Wood sealed with non-toxic, natural sealer for easy cleaning

HEPA grade air purifier

UV lamps for overnight sterilization

New furniture for easy disinfection

New comfy treatment table!

Touch-free, hypo-allergenic, unscented hand-sanitizer

Single-use disposable bed sheets, pillowcases, and treatment robes

Touchless forehead temperature checks

Prescreening questions

Health and safety protocols

Disinfection between patients, and more!


Qigong, Tai chi and Meditation Classes are temporarily on hold.


Private classes: available on zoom, please inquire! 


FREE 20 minute phone consult: Let us help you find out if we can serve you– 

acupuncture, medical qigong, taichi, meditation (978) 779-9872

Acupuncture helps you feel as healthy, stress-free and energetic as you should. Imagine if new or long-term pain and other symptoms could vanish or be greatly alleviated! Go beyond the preconceived limitations that modern society has regarding health, vitality and athleticism.

I tailor a unique blend of acupuncture styles and other eastern medical techniques for each client, drawing on eleven years of training in Japan, frequent trips to China, and  U.S. studies. My treatment approach is east-meets-west, a blend of traditional Asian medical theory and diagnosis within a modern scholarly Western medical framework.

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“Robin healed my neck pain, but way beyond that, I feel overwhelmingly great overall from regular wellness sessions. Robin is an expert needler. I hardly notice the needles go in.”–Leslie, Japanese- English translator, patient for 10 years 

Besides traditional needling, I offer needle-free techniques, such as: non-insertion needling, medical qigong (energy healing), cupping, gua sha massage, plus instruction in meditation and self-practice qi-energy exercises.


Robin’s Movement Videos Taichi and Qigong (Chinese Yoga)

*Tai chi      *Qigong (Chigong)–Chinese Yoga–Flowing Energy Movement

Learn a series of energy-based movements for vitality, health and wellness.  Practicing these forms will improve memory, focus, mood, well-being and one’s general level of athleticism over time. Taichi and qigong constitute the physical fitness branch of Chinese Medicine.

2020 Classes/Events: 

“Robin is an excellent teacher with beautiful form and deep knowledge of energy and movement, very inspiring to watch and to study with!”– Tom Yates, 12 years student and instructor of kungfu, professional musician, taichi/qigong student for 4 years

Fruitlands Museum classes: Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation Seminars, Qi Walking, info at 978-798-2345

Taichi– Classes resume in September:

Private Healings with Qigong Grandmaster Ou, September TBA 1pm-7pm

Pangu Sun & Moon Mystical Qigong Seminar (Form 1) Date TBA

Country Well Acupuncture Clinic: Bolton Corners Building, 563 Main Street, Bolton MA  (978)-779-9872–(Please note that classes are not taught at the clinic.)

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED: on Route 117 at Exit 27 of Route 495: near Route 2, Route 290, Route 9, Mass Pike, Route 62, Route 110, Route 190, Route 20, Route 27