Healing Medicine
Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
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How Does Acupuncture Work?

Photo by Daniel SenieAcupuncture accesses for healing a vast and intricate network of energy channels called “meridians” that traverse your body from your skin through your organ systems in regular patterns like the rivers of the earth. These channels, consisting of a flow of healing energy called “qi”, are a subtle and integral aspect of the physical body, mind and emotions.

One can palpate the length of a meridian at skin level to find tiny, concentrated wells of qi-energy, known as acupuncture points, which exist in the same locations on all people. These points can be accessed for profound healing using hair-fine needles and other means to open, build, move or calm energy toward balancing the channels of your energy network. (The meridian system has been confirmed by computer-aided electrical devices.)

According to acupuncture theory, the flow of the channels’ qi-energy directly affects the proper functioning of all physiological processes: your cells, tissues, organs and interrelated systems. Each meridian has its own functions, though all interrelate. There is a specific energy channel and acupuncture points along it for treating a multitude of different conditions that may affect a particular organ system. The heart, the kidney, the stomach, the liver and so on each have their own channel. Acupuncture points along these meridians also treat diseases of the bones, muscles, skin and sense organs, as well as the cardiovascular, pulmonary, nervous and hormonal systems.

And, as an integrated dimension of the body, the well-being of your mind and emotions are supported and influenced by healthy, uninterrupted and balanced “qi-energy” flow. Specific energy channels (and particular points) serve to calm fear, release heartbreak, and resolve anger in order for the virtues of courage, joy and forgiveness to arise.

On the level of the mind, acupuncture is used to improve concentration, creativity and memory.  Your energy channel network even opens from your skin to the outer world to help you to sense and properly adjust on all levels to changes in your physical and emotional environment.