Healing Medicine
Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
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Time Commitment: The Future

Photo by Daniel SenieThe pace of healing is different for each individual: As your meridian healing system balances and strengthens, symptoms lessen and clear up. Recovery time and the number of sessions required depends on the simplicity or complexity of your condition, and whether or not it is new or long-standing or even stems from a more serious base that must be addressed first.  Also to be considered are factors such as: your age, present constitution, medications being taken, diet and lifestyle.

Recent acute pain issues in a healthy person may resolve in just a few treatments, while a condition left for ten years to become chronic may require sessions once to twice/week for several months and then a tapering off of session frequency to ensure that healing holds.  Some people opt to continue treatments at regular intervals for: stress relief, to maintain the physical fortitude for athletics or dance, or for relief from pain or other symptoms of chronic conditions. Others seek a further session only at the change of each season or as an immune boost during influenza season.

Because, of acupuncture’s mind-body-spirit approach, you will see and feel positive changes beyond your main concern. Sleep may seem deeper, or eating may appear to bring more vitality. You may notice yourself moving with better balance or limber ease of motion.  Aches and pains may disappear. Your mind may begin clearing of anxiety, anger, grief or fear, leaving you more upbeat, focused and peaceful. You may also come to know a heightened immunity and resilience.