Healing Medicine
Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
Bolton Corners Bldg., 563 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740


Country Well offers to work with you and your family. Relax, open and receive healing through natural, ancient and time-tested therapies.        

Try no-needle acupuncture and “qigong” therapy for yourself and your children! “Qigong” is also spelled “chi kung” or “chi gong.” 

Free twenty minute phone consultation offered before your first acupuncture or medical qigong session.


***View Tai Chi Movement Video.

***View Qigong (Chikung)–Healing Movement Meditation Videos.


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Summer  2016 Classes/Events:

Tai Chi– Year Round Weekly Classes: Wednesday eves, 6:30-8:30 pm, Bolton MA. Try a free tai chi class. New students may join mid-session. RSVP email or  phone 978-875-5209.

Qigong –Year Round Weekly Classes: Chinese healing energy movement- meditation exercise: Monday eves, Topics change each season; 6:30-8:00 pm, Harvard, MA. Try out the first class and join. RSVP email or phone 978-875-5209.

Private Healings with Qigong Grandmaster Ou Wen Wei, October TBA, 1 pm-7:00 pm in Bolton MA. Reserve your healing via email or call 978-875-5209.

Pangu Sun & Moon Mystical Qigong Seminar (Form 1 The Moving Form)  TBA, 6:30-9 pm with Master Instructor Robin Bonazzoli. Location: Harvard MA at the home/farm of Julia Radford. Join us for this phenomenal yet simple, non-physical self practice in meditative spirit-energy healing of body-mind-spirit. Reserve your space 978-875-5209 or email.

Pangu Sun & Moon Mystical Qigong Seminar  (Form 2 The Nonmoving Form)  TBA, 6:30-9pm with Master Instructor Robin Bonazzoli. Location: Country Well Acupunture, Bolton Corners Building, 2f, 563 Main Street Bolton MA. Form 2 helps to heal the nervous system, release deep stress and trauma, deepen sleep and open you into creative and psychic advancement. Reserve your space: 978-875-5209.