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Qigong Self-Healing Exercises

What are Qigong Exercises Like?

Qigong exercises heal through simple, stationary repetitive movements (or still postures) with focus on posture, breath, and directed light visualizations or sound emission. (“Qigong is sometimes spelled “chi kung” of chi gong”.) Through qigong practice, posture is gradually shifted into alignment with the gravitational field so that organ systems relax into their proper places. Breathing is directed toward the release of physical, mental and emotional imbalances using colors, sounds and verbal cues. There are a multitude of qigong self-practice lineages that focus on martial, medical or spiritual exercises (or a combination of these). Because qigong sets may be adapted from standing to sitting or lying postures, this healing exercise is suitable for all ages, constitutions and health conditions. It is important to remember that these exercises can help in your healing only when they are practiced daily.

Qigong Exercises Offered at Country Well

Country Well teaches self-healing qigong practices specifically targeted to your requirements. Exercises offered are those which have a high level of healing efficacy as shown from application to serious, chronic conditions in China’s major urban hospitals or from results seen with my clients and my own healing journey.

You may take a class to learn a daily, medical qigong self-healing set (of about 20 minutes in duration) for the general revitalization of your organ systems, mind and emotions, which feels like a mildly invigorating exercise that also calms.  Or, following your acupuncture or qigong treatment, you may be prescribed a self-practice exercise(s) specific to your condition (of 5 minutes in duration, to be performed once to twice daily) to heal: an energy channel of the meridian network, an individual organ or organ system, or a particular mind/emotional issue.

Spiritual qigong (shengong) is also offered to clear, open and develop the spiritual fields and centers for: healing on the most profound level, meditative depth and expansion, and for advancing one’s own skills as a healer. And, Country Well tai chi classes include martial qigong known as Yi Chuan for the building of vitality, strength, power and soft flexibility.