Healing Medicine
Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
Bolton Corners Bldg., 563 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740

Qigong Testimonials

Robin as a Qigong Teacher

Robin is the most talented and meticulous qigong teacher I have had the pleasure of meeting. With a view to improving my health and spiritual perception, I had learned qigong sets (from renowned teachers) before coming to Robin, but I had had difficulty memorizing and accurately copying movements, and so had most of the students. Where other teachers simply demonstrated postures (while students followed) without providing much concrete guidance or corrections, Robin instructed me in detail on how to move and reshape my body to maximize energy flow and how to breathe and visualize properly for each exercise. She brought me into the essence of each movement so that I could grasp what it should feel like and then later try to recapture the feeling in my own practice at home. Robin is so adept in these arts herself that, in addition to the physical side, she is able (and willing) to convey their deeper energetic and spiritual aspects–a rare quality in the world of qigong.

From Robin, I have learned various sets of qigong exercises to: strengthen my organs and physical structure, relieve stress, open my chakras and much more. With a daily practice incorporating one or more of these sets, I have considerably more vitality (at 40) than over a decade ago, and I now have a kind of mental clarity and optimism that I hadn’t even been looking for. People now tell me that I look athletic and really healthy. Thank you, Robin, for the incredible gift of these exercises!

–Alexander, advertising executive

As a technology consultant, I had developed tendonitis from years of computer work, and was in the midst of developing an extremely painful but undiagnosed frozen shoulder.   Robin recommended qigong as a form of meditative practice and adjunct to acupuncture treatment. At the time, I was well aware of the psychological and physiological benefits of meditation, but had not seriously committed myself to cultivating a practice.

My experience with Robin far exceeded my expectations. Robin is truly an extraordinary and gifted healer and teacher, and I believe her presence, spirit, and teaching have had a profound impact on me. As a healer, Robin is highly intuitive, deeply compassionate, and incredibly caring. Frankly, I found her depth of expertise and insight to be staggering. Robin is also articulate, patient, and an excellent communicator, making her an ideal teacher. Her one-on-one sessions were highly detailed, supportive, and personalized and her teaching materials were chock full of useful information. We all have many wonderful teachers in life whose voices resonate with us. For me, Robin is among those few master teachers whose influence touches my soul deeply.

I am so grateful to now be practicing spiritual qigong. It is something I look forward, for it provides a broader perspective on daily tasks and an opportunity to step into a larger realm. It definitely helps to provide balance during chaotic times and has been a stabilizing and centering force in healing my frozen shoulder.

–Martha, technology consultant

Robin’s Qigong Treatments

No ordinary therapy, Robin’s qigong treatments are all about profound personal transformation. I went to Robin for a series of sessions to address some deep-seated grief issues that were affecting my physical health. Before the treatments, I was depressed, overweight, and prone to respiratory problems. Though I have seen many healers of various traditions, no one has helped me as much as Robin has to resolve issues on both the physical and emotional levels. She also prescribed and taught me self practice qigong exercises to expedite my healing. The results have been undeniable, as I can honestly say that I did not feel this well twenty years ago.

Because Robin is a genuinely kind and gentle person as well as a highly skilled practitioner, she is able to create an environment where anyone can open up to healing. She has an extraordinary gift for bringing you into a state where you can let go of physical and emotional blockages to experience your true potential, showing you how good you can really feel. In other words, she helps you to make the healing your own so that it is permanent and life-changing. I would recommend Robin to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

–Christine, editor

Robin’s qigong treatments feel like they touch you in a very deep way though she hardly touches you during the treatment. They are as effective in moving your qi (energy) and clearing blockages (to your health and wellbeing) as an acupuncture treatment. Robin has developed a medical intuitiveness that compliments her knowledge of Chinese medicine. If you are interested in trying acupuncture but for whatever reason do not like the needles, try one of Robin’s qigong treatments!

—Frank, acupuncturist and massage therapist