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Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
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Sun & Moon Mystical Qigong

Meditative Energy Healing of Body-Mind-Spirit

Sun & Moon Mystical Qigong

Self-practice Seminar

Form 1: Date  and Time TBA


“Pangu Shengong,” is also referred to as “Pangu (Sun & Moon) Mystical Qigong” (Chigong). “Shengong” is the quiescent, mystical branch of “Qigong,” a healing movement system based on the energy theory of acupuncture and tai chi. Shengong practice opens a person to the universal life force to improve: health, vitality, emotional harmony, athleticism, and spiritual interconnectedness.

Form 1, though called “The Moving Form” is a gentle & effective nonphysical self-healing method. This easy to learn practice is suitable for all since it can be enjoyed standing, sitting or lying down!

Instructor Robin Bonazzoli, MAc, s a licensed acupuncturist with 40 years of experience in meditation, tai chi, martial arts, and qigong in Japan, China and the U.S., including 11 years in Tokyo. She was certified to teach Pangu Shengong levels I and II by its originator, Qigong Master Ou, Wen Wei 2004. Robin transmits this remarkable healing system from its basis in kindness and benevolence. Students learn why this healing works from its root in ancient Chinese medicine and cosmology.

Why are the tens of thousands worldwide practicing Pangu Mystical Qigong?

Those seeking to alleviate injuries, illness & chronic pain or other symptoms receive a remarkable daily self-healing method that directly involves them in their own recovery. (Try this remarkable energy-meditation together with your physician’s suggestions!)

Those seeking enhanced well-being, an opening to creativity, & spiritual advancement receive a revolutionary meditative practice, complementary to any spiritual or religious belief.

Those seeking peak conditions as athletes, martial artists, yoga practitioners & dancers
receive regenerative energy toward better: vitality, strength, flexibility, agility, mind-body integration, focus, & memory. Let old, chronic and recent injuries heal toward renewal and a younger condition.

Seminar Tuition: $130/person including practice MP3 (payable by check or in cash)
Note: $60 of your tuition supports Master Ou’s healing charity in rural China & other areas of Asia.

If you have already taken this course with Master Ou, and would like to repeat the class with Robin, the tuition would be $50.

Please arrive at 15 minutes early to register. The seminar will begin at TBA

Reserve your space in the seminar: 978-875-5209 or email robinbonazzoli@verizon.net