Healing Medicine
Robin Bonazzoli M.Ac. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac. MQP
Bolton Corners Bldg., 563 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740

Tai Chi Testimonials

I have the pleasure of being a student of Robin’s for over two years now. She is an adept teacher who really works to bring the truth out in her teaching. Robin is concerned that her class understands what they are doing and achieving in tai chi to benefit fully, rather than using some arbitrary metric to measure progress. Tai chi (as Robin teaches it) is a blissful athletic form providing you with increased mental and physical strength and a better understanding of yourself. It is as exquisite to watch as to perform, as you feel the energy flowing through yourself. Watching Robin is inspirational as you can see her energy stream through her every movement.

I plan to study with Robin for many more years and I look forward to every minute of it. To her credit, Robin’s tai chi has improved my life, my health and my general being, which increases my enthusiasm with time. I am more energized and happier.  Prior to tai chi, I would expect back and hip pain to impact my activity; now if it ever does, I am truly surprised.

–David, purchasing agent

After more than thirty years of loving yoga, I found that as I got older, I just wasn’t connecting with it in the same way. I needed an activity that was gentle yet at the same time would strengthen my system and challenge me physically, mentally and spiritually.  Tai chi appealed because of its Taoist origins, and because it looked EASY. Was I wrong! In no way is it easy. However, it has created more ease in me than I have experienced in a long time. I am stronger physically, more focused mentally and working on the serenity that comes with mastering this beautiful form. Robin’s deep experience with tai chi, acupuncture and qigong for many years, her ability to incorporate the eastern teachings to western sensibilities, and her sense of humor create a dynamic, challenging and fun learning experience. I am recently retired. Studying with Robin has taken me through this transition and given me a whole new way of being to explore.

—Carol, retired urban school guidance counselor

My job requires that I work all day sitting on a bench, so regular exercise is important for my physical wellbeing. I decided to try tai chi when I began noticing a generalized joint stiffness and lower back weakness that were even affecting the sports that used to relieve these issues:  swimming, sailing and kayaking. Tai chi has really changed my body structure to eliminate stress on my lower back and improve my joint flexibility. The meditative aspect of tai chi has helped me sleep more deeply.  In fact, when I was crewing in a (sailing) race, I suddenly had to traverse the length of the boat and back to pull out the rudder so that we would not go aground.  While doing so, not only did I feel more stable and quick than before learning tai chi, it seemed as if I had floated there and back.

Robin teaches with great passion and conviction. Her competency in tai chi makes us wish to emulate her.

–Sue, art conservator

In the last few years of learning and practicing tai chi (with Robin), I find it has helped me with focus, stamina and posture—beneficial to me as a musician when singing and playing in front of audiences. Standing on a stage with a guitar hanging across one shoulder led to postural imbalances. Vocal strength was impacted as a result, and after an evening of playing, my body would ache. Improved posture and flexibility reduce those side-effects, and allow me to put my full voice into the performance. When not playing music, I run a small business, and sit in front of computer screens for many hours a day. Years of hunching over the computer led to upper and lower back discomfort. Tai chi has restructured my back, and now I find myself more comfortable sitting properly, with my spine relaxed. Robin recognizes that it takes time to learn and time for the body to restructure, and she provides helpful guidance to allow us to continue to improve out tai chi practice and our lives.

—Dan, musician and software engineer